The Fae King's Darling( Bergarian Series #3)


The Fae King's Darling( Bergarian Series #3)

Length: 16hrs 25mins 80 episodesCompleted
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**Faes are depicted as kinky creatures. Mature Scenes Throughout** Daddy Kink, Light BDSM "Willa, we're werewolves." Never could a phrase could have prepared Willa as she now knew that her bestfriend/sister in crime was supernatural. It was a secret that was kept from her all her life. Now she was to travel with her to a distant land called Bergarian to watch Violet and her mate have their mating ceremony. Little did she know she would ending up finding her own mate as well. "The light sources never seemed bright anymore. Her bright blue eyes bore into mine as if she was reading my own soul. Fireworks erupted over my skin, my magic was trying to leak out of my body as I felt her gaze on my very own face. Her pouty lips were parted, shining with the lip gloss she had on. I wanted to take her there, kiss her lips and let her know I would take care of her throughout eternity. I would make her happy and make sure she would never be sad, she was mine and I didn’t care who knew. Her eyes were soft and warm, so much warmer than any other woman I had seen. Somehow I knew her eyes were made for me, her body would be easily encompassed in my own as I took care of her and showed her how much that I would love her." **No Cheating, No Cliffhangers** **Book 3 of Bergarian Series. Can be read as stand alone**


  • Paranormal
  • goodgirl
  • king
  • fairy/faery
  • mermaid/mermen
  • drama
  • bxg
  • bxb
  • royal
  • first love
  • virgin
  • stubborn


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