Loving her wasn't part of the plan


Loving her wasn't part of the plan

Length: 14hrs 40mins 89 episodesCompleted
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Completed. Fall for a Billionaire- Redeem Ex's love Gabriela Vincent is faced with a request from her father to get married to one of Illinois notorious playboy, who has a reputation of arrogance with a dash of ego. But it wasn't a normal marriage, it was based on a contract. Gabriela agrees and has to adjust to living with her egoistic husband but not without stating her own terms. They both agreed to live strictly to the contract, until Nicholas does the unthinkable. To Nicholas Damien, Gabriela was just another stepping stone to achieve his greedy goals, what happens when his wife fiery nature is something that attracts him? He breaks a rule and is willing to break more to be with her. ----- Reality dawns on him, when he realised all he built was created on the shaky foundation of lies and greed, and when Gabriela finds out the real truth behind her marriage it all shatters. He is faced with two option, redeem his love to her or watch her eager colleague take her away from him forever. Which would he go for?


  • billionaire
  • love-triangle
  • possessive
  • independent
  • doctor
  • drama
  • twisted
  • bxg
  • realistic earth
  • betrayal
  • Romance


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