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He slapped me and held my hair tightly in his hand that my scalp was burning in pain. He leaned his face near to mine and said, “Shut up. Just shut up you bitch. I was right about you. You are a whore. You just want attention. I wonder why Alex left you to live his life.” He said and my arm hit the bedpost again. He looked at me. I was hurt but what caught my attention was the name, Alex. I asked him, “Aaah, what are you saying?” He suddenly made me lie down and hovered over me. He pinned my hands behind my head and I yelled with pain, “Please no, don’t.” “Allen?”, I yelled and tried to push him. He brought his face near to me and spoke in a slow but husky voice, “I won’t leave you. You are mine. Only mine, Aurora. How could you be so heartless? Why are you betraying me like this?” “Aurora?”, I whispered and he looked into my eyes with so much love. His whole weight was upon me and I was f*****g stuck under him. Is he planning to kill me like this? He asked me, “Can’t you see in my eyes how much I love you? I love you from the bottom of my heart. Still, you are doing this with me.” I saw in his eyes the hurt which he was feeling. I would have hugged him to comfort him only if we would have been on good terms. Still, I tried to make him understand so I tried to talk with him, “Allen, I am not-” and I feel his finger on my lips. He gave me a genuine smile and started again, “Ssshhh. How many times do I need to tell you that you talk too much? Don’t talk. I wanna talk.” I nodded my head in agreement. He held my both hands with his right hand and remove the hair strands from my face and told me, “Did you remember how beautiful you were looking on the day of our marriage? I was hypnotized by your beautiful eyes. Your white lacy gown was giving you a feel of a beautiful fairy who directly came from heaven.” He completed and I was shocked. I didn’t have any idea that he is married. I mean Alex never told me that. Maybe he also didn’t have any idea about his marriage. I was lost in my thought when I felt his gaze on me and I understood he is angry. I asked him in shock, “Are you married?” He smiled and touched his nose with mine and confirmed by saying, “Yes, Beautiful. We are married.” and hugged me tightly and put all his weight on me and my breath stuck. I touched his shoulder and asked him, “Allen, please get up, you are very heavy.” He pulled his head up to look at me but still was lying upon me. He asked me sadly, “So, don’t you want me upon you?” and suddenly his eyes lit up like a lamp and he said, “Now, I get it.” I was shocked to hear him. He is drunk and I knew nothing good would come to his mind so I asked him to clear the air, “What did you get it?” He brought his lips near me, “You don’t want me upon you” and I felt his face moving towards my ears and felt his hot breath when he completed, “but inside you.” I looked in his eyes and yelled, “What no.”


  • Suspense/Thriller
  • forced
  • maffia
  • gangster
  • tragedy
  • bxg
  • female lead
  • city
  • virgin
  • humiliated
  • punishment


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