My Human Mate


My Human Mate

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Sequel to ‘MY KNOWN MATE’ Do read the My Known Mate for having a better idea of this story and its characters. I am Asher Romano, the son of Alpha Aiden Romano and the Chosen Wolf Luna Avery Malloy. Together both my dad and mom made our pack the most powerful pack in the whole country. I am following their path only but in a different way, not eager to find my mate but seeing them can’t help but think about her. Therefore, waiting for her to enter my life and brighten it with her essence. Being the son of the Chosen Wolf, I have been blessed with powers just like hers due to which people say I am my mamma’s boy but what I am not like her is being the arrogant bastard who cannot stand when something wrong going on. I can’t stand with when someone is being wronged or abused either the person abusing be elder or younger and this is the reason everyone thinks of me as a rude and arrogant boy. But, my people know who and what I am. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I am Hazel Walker, living a simple and cozy life with the only family members left, my little brother and mother who is my everything. My father died when he was just three and I was sixteen in an accident after we both are the only ones left for each other in the world. Life has been difficult after that but having both of them with me is what keeps me motivated and pushes me to work harder. Being the future alpha of the most powerful pack, will Asher accept Hazel, a human who is not even aware of the existence of his kind? Are they destined to be the mates or something else the future is holding? Come and join Asher and Hazel in their journey of colliding and falling for each other.


  • Y&A Teenfiction
  • alpha
  • badboy
  • sensitive
  • sweet
  • werewolves
  • highschool
  • pack
  • supernatural
  • weak to strong
  • naive


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