The Duke's Dove (Book 2 of Duke Series)


The Duke's Dove (Book 2 of Duke Series)

Length: 01hrs 43mins 8 episodesCompleted
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A duke with a broken heart discovers he has one last chance to win back the woman he loves on Christmas Eve… Nathan Powell, the Duke of Hastings broke the heart of the only woman he ever loved when he ended their engagement in order to save her family. He demanded one promise of her…that she marry another man and live a happy life. Now he’s desperate to avoid marriage to someone else at all costs. When his younger brother tricks him into attending a Christmas Ball, he discovers his beloved Thea will be there. Thea Swann has plenty of problems, with six unmarried younger sisters to keep in line, she doesn’t worry that she’ll run into the reclusive duke that stole her heart eight years ago. But when she comes face to face with Nathan, and he begs her for just one dance…she wonders, will he steal one last dance, one last kiss before walking away forever and taking her broken heart with him?


  • second chance
  • arranged marriage
  • playboy
  • arrogant
  • dominant
  • prince
  • serious
  • regency
  • Romance


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