Deuce-ace Roommates


Deuce-ace Roommates

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Working on revision** After a misfortune that led to difficult circumstances, Daisy Esteban and her mother move to Asia to start a new life. It was after eight years when Daisy had returned back to the states to study in SU under a scholarship her incognito pen best friend Riley Hunter had suggested. Accepting Riley's offer, willing to catch up on experiences the two pen friends had missed growing up in different continents. Daisy freely moved into Center Yorker, the unexpected elegant penthouse that Riley's boyfriend had politely agreed to open for Daisy. However, everything goes wrong when Daisy realizes returning to America was the biggest mistake she's ever made, for the boy she had very well known for the first ten years of her life happens to owns not only the building she's damned to stay for the rest of her school year, but also date her best friend, Riley Hunter. DAISY He used to be my best friend, the only person I trusted. He was always there for me. He had listened and shared. He was once my neighbor, my classmate until fifth grade. The only boy that has been running in my mind for years up to now. But it all crashes in a penthouse kitchen, and I know the polite ten years old boy with emerald green eyes is no more. I had lost him long years ago. Kay's replaced with KC, the darkest fury and worst of nightmares. KAISER No matter how much I wanted to ignore her existence, She was everywhere since the beginning of time. No one could replace Daisy Esteban in my mind, my head. I've always thought. She has been a part of me for the longest of time. But after she had left without fighting for our friendship nor did she say goodbye, I hated her I wanted to believe everything was in place, just like my girlfriend Riley had fixed me three years ago. But Daisy decided to return to my life, like a poison she had to destroy me with just an innocent look. She came along with all the terror I've feared and evoked agony I thought was long gone. Drowning Series; Part 2 (Daisy & Kaiser)


  • Y&A Teenfiction
  • revenge
  • arrogant
  • badboy
  • student
  • twisted
  • campus
  • school
  • roommates
  • friends
  • naive


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