My Ruthless Innocent Billionaire


My Ruthless Innocent Billionaire

Length: 13hrs 33mins 92 episodesCompleted
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"Please don't do this", I pleaded and he laughed.... He was a monster... There was venom in his laughter.... He was laughing on my helplessness.... Tears were flowing from my eyes continuously as I was looking towards the screen. "You do what I say sweetheart... or else you will watch him die bit by bit", he whisper in my ears and chill traveled down furiously till end of my spine. "No... No... No....please.... please leave him.... I will do what ever you say... please let him live", I pleaded while crying.... He laughed loudly.... He laughing was echoing in that room and I was crying loudly while looking towards the screen where I was looking on my love lying unconscious on that cold floor. "I will do anything.... Please leave him safe", I pleaded again.....


  • billionaire
  • dominant
  • badboy
  • goodgirl
  • drama
  • tragedy
  • bxg
  • mystery
  • Romance


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