The Crush That Haunts Her


The Crush That Haunts Her

Length: 14hrs 36mins 85 episodesCompleted
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It is Completed. {Sexual Content Warning} Rated 18+ Raven Bell heard about his passing, and she cried and cried. She was so upset for not telling him how she felt when she had the chance. Even though he never gave her the time of day, Raven still wishes she only told him of her feelings for him… now it is too late. Through her tear-soak cries, Raven finally says the words out loud. Getting stronger with each word spoken. What she does not realize was somehow he heard her, and he is heading to her place! ~ ‘What does she look like these 5 years later,’ he wonders curiously? He needed to see her to at least say his goodbyes so he could try to move on. Did he have the courage to say how he felt? ~ Raven felt a whole lot better now. She went into the bathroom to run the water for her much-needed bath. As the room filled with steam and water, droplets formed on the mirror behind her. She removes then hangs up her robe and suddenly hears a whistle! Quickly spins around to the bathroom mirror and screams, “DRAKE BOGG, is that YOU!” He looks side to side, a bit puzzled with a question in his voice, “Raven, You can hear me?” “Wow! I am losing it, I am finally losing my mind, and now I am talking to myself,” she replies. Pacing back and forward, still, naked, Drake gets a wonderful view of her rack, and they are perfect. He wants her so badly he could only say, “Wow, Bell. You are one sexy chick.” She stops, looks over at him in the mirror. She realizes she is still naked and attempts to cover herself quickly. Drake, with his old high school cocky smile, winks at her. Raven faints on the spot.


  • sex
  • comedy
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • bully
  • ghost
  • special ability
  • lonely
  • Romance


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