Engaged to the Mafioso


Engaged to the Mafioso

Length: 16hrs 42mins 87 episodesCompleted
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Gianna Borriello is the last Boriello alive. After her family is killed in a 20-year long family feud, Gianna is under the mercy of Luigi Romano, a ruthless man who wished to avenge the fact that her mother rejected him to marry another man, her father Rodolfo Borriello. As a punishment and final blow to the Borriello name, she is forced to marry one of his capos, Alessandro Lamberti. He is a ruthless, cold-blooded murderer, with a terrible reputation, feared in their dark world. The plan seems perfect: what would be better than humiliating the Borriello family name, by marrying their only successor to a nameless bandit? But Luigi's plan isn't infallible, because their match proves to be beneficial when she discovers that they both have a common goal: revenge. She soon discovers that there is more to the arrogant Alessandro, and falls in love with him unwillingly. Their love is dark, twisted and complicated. But the odds are against them, and nothing is as it seems. Will they succeed in their search for revenge? Most importantly, would they betray each other for the sake of it?


  • murder
  • revenge
  • dark
  • possessive
  • kidnap
  • arranged marriage
  • arrogant
  • tragedy
  • bxg
  • crime
  • Romance


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