Alpha Jace’s Salvation


Alpha Jace’s Salvation

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“How do you intend to help me? And what or how can I be of help to you?” I doubted if I had anything that could help him because, even though he was a stranger, I knew he was rich from his dark fragrance to the quality of his suit and his expensive wristwatch. I was certain he had everything I lacked. “I can help you in any way that suits you, but what I want from you is a son.” He responded expressionlessly while I wore my surprise on my face like eyewear. He was joking, right? He has to be, but he doesn't appear to be joking. How do I explain that I am in this problem because I refused to sell my body and dignity for money but a strange man from nowhere seems to want the same thing I was avoiding? “Will you be the mother to my child in exchange for whatever you want?” The handsome stranger asked, and I was stunned, speechless, and in pain. ************ Nothing has ever been easy for the seventeen years old Ariana Vaughn. Like every other teenager, she had hoped that her eighteenth birthday would be different from the ones before but unfortunately for her, her gambling addict father used her as collateral months before her birthday, shattering all of her dreams. With a debt to refund, Ariana set out to make money, but all her efforts were futile until her knight in a cursed armor showed up to save her from her torments but at a price. Jace Slavo didn't want to find his underage half-human mate, yet he went in search of her because his deadline was getting closer by the day, and he owed his pack just one thing that only his mate can provide- his heir. An unwanted meeting that might be the end of the life Ariana was used to…. but this meeting might just be what they both needed to escape their ill fate or not….


  • Paranormal
  • alpha
  • forced
  • curse
  • witch/wizard


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