Marriage First, Mate Second


Marriage First, Mate Second

Length: 25hrs 34mins 150 episodesOngoing
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At my wedding, I was betrayed. My fiance made me into a laughingstock and left me to be mocked brutally by the guests. I was shocked, swamped and heartbroken when the Alpha of the enemy pack, the most powerful and desired man in the city came to me. "Are you here to humiliate me too?" I asked. "Amber Collins," he replied softly, and his thumb gently caressed my cheek. "Will you take me as your husband?" However, not until a long time later, I found out that none of this was a coincidence. * * He lays me on my side. "I've wanted to mark you for as long as l've known you..." he murmurs as he presses himself harder against my body. "Wa... Wait..." I gasp. But it's impossible. There's no way to stop it. It's a force of nature. A nature that I'm all his, body and soul...


  • Paranormal
  • love after marriage
  • betrayal


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