Alpha Female Flames of Desire


Alpha Female Flames of Desire

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I'm the next Alpha female for a dwindling werewolf community. Humans and werewolves have mated so much that there are now less than 1000 pure bred werewolves in the world. Things have changed in the past centuries and now we have mostly decedents of werewolves who may not even know their heritage. I already have a pre-arranged marriage to another Alpha because we are both pure breeds. I grow up not thinking much about mates because it is almost unheard of mostly but also because I know the chances of my mate and my husband being the same person is slim. I have spent most of my childhood normal living with my Alpha mother. My Alpha father died when I was little so I've learned from her and my grandparents. I do have my beta female, Kara, and my gamma female, Mylisha, who have been raised beside of me. Neither of them are pure breed but have only been tainted by a human gene in an earlier generation. In other words, they are like 99.9% werewolf. I'm pretty much a good girl. I have good grades and stay out of trouble. I have bit of an image issue though. Being an Alpha female, I'm larger than most of the girls both taller and curvier. I always say that I feel like a sex goddess in a fluffy costume. It's whatever. My husband has no choice but to accept me just like I will have to do him. Mylisha, Kara and myself are spending an evening in the tiny town we call home that is shared with both werewolves and humans. We encounter a human that will cause me to rethink my whole existence and question my destiny. When my pre-arranged marriage mate ends up being someone I've known since being a preteen and had a crush on or could it be that the human was really just the crush. I'm so confused. Is it possible to love both a werewolf and a human? And is it possible to deny happiness for acceptance and duty? All I know is that those green eyes staring at me show love, lust and need. The blue eyes staring at me show stability, duty, need, and love?


  • Fantasy
  • alpha
  • arranged marriage
  • mate
  • bxg
  • small town
  • coming of age
  • first love
  • love at the first sight
  • passionate


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