Insatiable Love


Insatiable Love

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"How dare you think of getting away from me?", echoed the voice in the hallway. I was trembling in fear with my head lowered wishing I were someplace far away from this monster. "Where would you go escaping me?", He barked as he punched the wall, aiming at the space inches away from my face. "Speak up!" he said, in a deadly tone. I jerked from the sudden tension caused by our closeness. I couldn't dare to look into his eyes, they were the scariest feature of his that any human could ever have. "I.. I didn't do anything wrong", I muttered "Oh really? so you don't want to accept your mistake?", he challenged me with a sarcastic tease in his voice. "Bring her in", He said. the next thing I see, is a girl with a frail figure being dragged in chains with her body bruised, she was my best friend Angela. I fell on my knees with tears blurring my vision. "Please! I beg you, I will do anything you want. please, spare her!" "Sure, give yourself to me and I promise to not touch anyone of them", he said as he pulled me close. Fear was evident in my eyes but, I stood up in surrender. "Yes", I murmured "I want to hear the whole thing, love", he said raising his brow. "I... I am yours", I said in a meek voice. I may have lost myself to him but, I will protect everyone I love even if that would mean sacrificing myself.


  • billionaire
  • revenge
  • possessive
  • escape while being pregnant
  • forced
  • arrogant
  • powerful
  • drama
  • bxg
  • Romance


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