Hot Single Dad (Book Boyfriends 3)


Hot Single Dad (Book Boyfriends 3)

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1. She’s too young for me.2. She’s my daughter’s nanny.I could stop there, couldn’t I? I’m already a cliché. The single dad who’s hot for the nanny. But it gets worse.3. She’s my sister-in-law.My wife died when our daughter was a baby, and Linnea was just a quiet teenager. I barely knew her. When my in-laws insist she move to Seattle to be my live-in nanny—after a string of caregivers who didn’t work out—I reluctantly agree.I wasn’t counting on the smoking hot blonde with sinful curves, kissable lips, and a shy smile.Linnea is perfect for my daughter—fun, patient, and kind. She might be perfect for me too, but I can’t think that way. She needs to live her own life, not be saddled with my insta-family.Being around her is a special kind of torture, but I have to keep this infatuation to myself. I can’t fall for my daughter’s nanny.But it might be too late.***Hot Single Dad is a stand-alone romance with a make-you-swoon HEA. It contains explicit language and content and is intended for a mature audience.***]]>


  • family
  • HE
  • single daddy
  • city
  • nanny
  • Forbidden
  • Romance


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