Cocky Roommate (Book Boyfriends 2)


Cocky Roommate (Book Boyfriends 2)

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This roommate thing is not going to work.Kendra is a messy-haired, pajama-pants-wearing little ball of sass. The first thing she does is try to make friends with my random from the night before—giving her all sorts of bad ideas.I don’t date. I don’t use words like girlfriend, or I’ll text you later. F*ck that. Relationships aren’t for me. I’ll give a woman a night she won’t forget, but once it’s over, I’m out.I keep people at a distance, and I have my reasons. But Kendra starts getting under my skin. And when my life crashes and burns—literally—Kendra is the only person I can count on.I’m not built for relationships, and Kendra is not a one night stand. But living with this girl sleeping one room away might just be the thing that kills me.***Cocky Roommate is a stand-alone hate-to-lovers roommate romance with a definite HEA. It contains mature language and content, and is intended for a mature audience. Fair warning, Weston is a straight up a**hole. Or is he?***]]>


  • sex
  • HE
  • drama
  • humorous
  • roommates
  • Romance


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