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The girl looked so sad. All she could think about is her grandma. The Devil watched his love crying silently in the garden of his mansion. Throwing million dollar in front of her, pulling his zipper, he exposed his hard massive cock in front of her. "Suck My COCK!"; He ordered her. Hearing him made her sob uncontrollably. She felt helpless. "I OWN YOU"; Hearing him owning her, made her freeze. Dropping on her knees in front of him she did everything he told her to do. EVERY SINGLE THING. AFTER ALL, HE OWNED HER. . . . DECLAN KING: The multi-billionaire handsome hulk, he had no limit of his ruthless and cruelty. The most prestigious successful heir of King Family. His arrogance had no boundaries. Every time he sees an innocent all he wants to do is own it. Make it his. Corrupt it. No one, No mother fucker can stop him from getting what he wants. And he will make sure everyone knows that too. . . . BELLA COLLIN: Beautiful, sensitive, innocent girl. All she wanted was to make her granny all right and healthy. Money can never give her happiness. In her life she never hated anyone, her heart was so soft that anyone could easily use it. Too innocent to believe anyone even fall in a trap of Devil. Maybe that's why the DEVIL took a deep interest in owning her.


  • billionaire
  • age gap
  • pregnant
  • arrogant
  • dominant
  • manipulative
  • CEO
  • twisted
  • bxg
  • Romance


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