Still a Friend of Mine


Still a Friend of Mine

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It begs the questions...What's more important true friendship or true love? Is it ever okay to date your best friend's ex?Cheyenne Tate is privileged, ambitious and focused on becoming a Supreme Court justice, but in her personal life, she has trouble maintaining a long-term relationship as she goes from boyfriend to boyfriend. That is until she finds her soul mate-her best friend Aja's ex-boyfriend. Aja Braxton is beautiful, endearing, and warmhearted on the outside, but inside she harbors the pain and disappointment of being betrayed by her mother, father, and everyone close to her. Aja dreams of a life in Paris working in the fashion industry. But after tragedy strikes, she abruptly breaks up with the boyfriend she's been with since she was 13 years old and moves to New York, only to find more tragedy.Jennifer Harper probes the lives of two compelling characters who are driven to pursue ambitious goals in spite of daunting obstacles, while trying to figure out the balance between loyalty, love...and friendship.]]>


  • love-triangle
  • friends to lovers
  • goodgirl
  • independent
  • drama
  • Romance


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