Target Three (The Spy Game—Book #3)


Target Three (The Spy Game—Book #3)

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“Thriller writing at its best... A gripping story that's hard to put down.” --Midwest Book Review, Diane Donovan (re Any Means Necessary) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “One of the best thrillers I have read this year. The plot is intelligent and will keep you hooked from the beginning. The author did a superb job creating a set of characters who are fully developed and very much enjoyable. I can hardly wait for the sequel.” --Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos (re Any Means Necessary) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ From #1 bestselling and USA Today bestselling author Jack Mars, author of the critically acclaimed Luke Stone and Agent Zero series (with over 5,000 five-star reviews), comes an explosive new action-packed espionage series that takes readers on a wild ride across Europe, America, and the world. Jacob Snow, elite soldier-turned-CIA agent, must race into action when a new terrorist group arises with a terrifying weapon: a deadly disease, lying dormant underwater for centuries. If unleashed, it will wreak unimaginable destruction—and Jacob is the only one who can stop it. But the path to finding it lies through an ancient relic. And the only one brilliant enough to unravel its symbolism is Jana, Jacob’s mysterious partner and archeologist. Together, they must find and stop the terrorists before its too late. But in a shocking twist, Jacob realizes that his own path may just come back to bring him down. An unputdownable action thriller with heart-pounding suspense and unforeseen twists, TARGET THREE is the debut novel in an exhilarating new series by a #1 bestselling author that will make you fall in love with a brand-new action hero—and keep you turning pages late into the night. Perfect for fans of Dan Brown, Daniel Silva and Jack Carr. Future books in the series will soon be available.


  • Suspense/Thriller
  • adventure
  • decisive
  • brave
  • female lead
  • feminism


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