Tempting My Offish Mate


Tempting My Offish Mate

Length: 08hrs 03mins 49 episodesOngoing
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Rain is starting her college life, ready to meet all sorts of new creatures. A werewolf herself only having met other werewolves, she's ready to befriend dragons, fairies, witches, vampires or elfs. However, she wasn't expecting to run into her mate as well as her estranged ex boyfriend on campus. Men keep getting thrown at her left and right. How will she balance these new males with her studies? What happens when she discovers the secrets her father kept from her? Will she be able to handle everything that will be thrown at her this year? ************************************************ "What is your problem?!" I all but yelled at him. He looked down at me a bit surprised, but pushed me aside and walked past me. My body was screaming in anger. I felt like I was losing my mind. I chased after him as we exited the building. He knew I was following and led me into the woods where we had met the night before. "Would you stop?" He finally turned around and spoke to me. "Not until you give me answers or reject me" I stomped my foot and crossed my arms giving him the angriest look I could muster while staring at that handsome face. My eyes flickered down to his lips for just a moment and I wanted to curse myself as he smiled at my action. "See something you like," he teased. He began to approach me and I stepped back, hitting a tree. "No" I lied, trying to look away from him as he came closer. "Are you sure about that?" He was being very seductive. I could feel his breath fan over my face. He stared down at my lips then. I bit my bottom lip as just the thought of kissing him had me aroused. He got closer and I desperately wanted to close the space between our lips as I felt his breath against my skin. He smelled so delectable. He placed his thumb and forefinger on my chin lifting me up to him. His lips met mine with such an intensity. My knees began to give in as I melted into a puddle. My arousal could probably be smelled from a mile away. His lips gently parted mine as his tongue searched around my mouth. His lips were soft yet strong. They demanded things of me and I willingly did them. I felt like I was floating away and the only thing keeping me grounded was his touch on my chin. I wanted more of him. I fed into the kiss as I grabbed the back of his head pushing him closer to me. He pulled away from me then and I immediately missed him. I almost stepped forward to follow his lips as they left mine. I wanted him back desperately, in fact I needed him back right now. He cleared his throat as if he didn't just mean to kiss me. He just snapped out of the trance created by our mate bond. "You need to go," He said, pointing out of the woods.


  • shifter
  • royalty/noble
  • luna
  • bold
  • werewolves
  • campus
  • school
  • sassy
  • Romance


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