My Known Mate


My Known Mate

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The more closer I get to the scent of her, the mix of cocoa and mint, the more crazier my wolf is going. But I'm getting suspicious about who it is because the path to which my legs are leading me to is the room of hers. Oh Moon Goddess, is it really happening, have you really blessed me with her. The girl I've adored and cared since childhood, is really gonna be my mate! I'm not able to believe it, I never ever thought that she could be my mate but the connection between us which I use to feel is I think because of this only and as I came to a hault infront of her door I've been sure about it. But I can't barge in right now, she's sensitive and will get scared seeing me suddenly barging in her room, I'll have to wait till morning. ----------------------------------------------------------------- I'm the soon-to-be Alpha of my Night Wood Pack. Soon it's my 18th birthday and I can't wait to find my mate and lead my pack with her beside me. You guys may not know but she will be the luckiest girl alive because I will always keep her happy and as my Queen. And she'll be the Luna of my pack the strongest pack.


  • Fantasy
  • alpha
  • possessive
  • sensitive
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • highschool
  • supernatural
  • shy


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