The Billionaire's Ex Girlfriend


The Billionaire's Ex Girlfriend

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“Did you cheat on me?” He interrogated me. “No I didn’t, I loved you”, I answered honestly. “Then who kids are they?” He demanded. “That’s none of your business, first you accuse me of cheating so you have no right asking that!” I snapped. “I have every damn right, they’re mines, aren’t they?” He inquired quietly. I looked away and remained silent, he already knew the answer. ***** Javier Gonzalez and Alessandra Ricci were high school sweethearts, they been dating for almost eight years. On day of their anniversary something happened which caused Alessandra to leave the United States with a unexpected surprise and return to her home born country Italy. Javier was devastated when she left without saying good bye and for three years he thought she cheated on him. Fast forward three years later Alessandra returns to the US with her two year old children and made a promise to herself that she will avoid her now successful billionaire ex boyfriend at all cost. What will happen when her plans don’t go as she hopes it will? Will the once in love couple forgave each other or will the past interfere with what they once had? Read to find out.


  • billionaire
  • pregnant
  • CEO
  • drama
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • offifice/work place
  • childhood crush
  • disappearance
  • friendship
  • Romance


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