HALLOWEEN TALES and other creepy stories


HALLOWEEN TALES and other creepy stories

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Surprises to delight and send chills down your spine await! This audiobook is wonderfully narrated with numerous, and diverse characters, and features fun and exciting sound effects that will enhance your listening experience and keep you on the edge of your seat. Fun for Halloween, summer parties, long car rides, or even around the campfire! The unique structure of the book increases each subsequent story in fright level from: 1– a little scary, to 5– very scary!Perfect for families with kids ranging in age from 8-10 to 13 and up. There's a little spooky something for everyone! Halloween Scare ~ Fright Level 1 ~ A fun, and just a little spooky tale of a brother and sister out trick-or-treating on Halloween. What will happen when they take a shortcut through the old park woods?Sister Witches ~ Fright Level 2 ~ These three sisters are cooking up a cauldron of lizard gizzard stew for dinner. Little do they know, unexpected guests are about to arrive!Stopover in Specterville ~ Fright Level 3 ~ A European couple are lost in the mountains. They come upon an old village in which to rest for the night. But will it be their final resting place?P.I.G.S.P.A.W.S. ~ Fright Level 4 ~ (Paranormal. Investigations. Ghosts. Specters. Poltergeists. Apparitions. Wraiths. Spirits)A team of paranormal investigators are called in to help with a ghostly problem. This haunting may be more than they can handle.October 32nd ~ Fright Level 5 ~ Jenny’s had nightmares every year on Halloween since she was a child. She’s grown upnow, but they’re getting worse. Does her college professor have the answer?

Ages 8 to adult2 hours]]>


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