Never Save a Demon (A Daughter of Eve Book One)


Never Save a Demon (A Daughter of Eve Book One)

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Rule #1: Never save a demon’s life.… Oops.Lyn Conway is a hot mess. She’s past due on her rent, can’t get clients to take her paranormal investigations business seriously, and … Oh yeah, she’s a demon hunter who broke the ultimate rule. She didn’t mean to save a demon’s life. She thought she was saving a cute guy from a horrific attack. But now?Sam. Won’t. Die.That is, he won’t die until she does.Being bound to a gorgeous demon isn’t all that bad, until women who look suspiciously similar to Lyn start dropping dead with a demonic seal carved into their flesh. The tables have turned. The hunter is being hunted. Fortunately, Lyn lives with her number one suspect.Never Save a Demon is the first book in the Daughter of Eve series. If you like young, fresh urban fantasy with a kickass heroine, lots of goofy comedy, and a complicated paranormal romance, then you’ll love this new page-turner by award-winning author J.D. Brown."Rich characters, fast pacing, and hilarious hits of humor make this series starter an absolute winner. I cannot recommend it highly enough!" -- Darynda Jones, New York Times Bestselling author of the Charley Davidson series. Grab your copy today!]]>


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