Managing Mr. White (Completed!)


Managing Mr. White (Completed!)

Length: 05hrs 55mins 37 episodesCompleted
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CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT! Mr. White.I said while pushing him away You're not in charge of me and I can date whoever I want, I'm almost a grown women Almost, so not yet. And you can't because I said you can't. You're not allowed Who are you to tell me whether I'm allowed to or not? I said angrily. You have no idea how dangerous men can be, he said, coming closer and pulling me into his lap as he sat in his chair behind his desk. Then show me, I said teasingly while combing my hand through his hair. Ellie, he said firmly before I pressed my lips on him like he did to me last night. The next thing I know, my hands are wrapped around his neck as he took one hand to hold my waist tight against him and the other on the back of my neck pulling me closer. He squeezed my sides a bit with his left hand that’s on my waist earning a yelp out of my before he stuck his warm tongue into my mouth playing with the corners of my mouth and tongue. His right hand still supported my head as he lifted me up and placed me on his desk with him between my legs. I could feel something hard and big pressing against me but I ignored it and continued to only concentrate on his tongue. He continued to explore my mouth as I moaned every time he sucked on my tongue and stroked my thighs. Before I ran out of breath I pulled away in awe while panting. Ellie. He said while brushing his hand on my cheeks before holding me in his arms again.You're going to be the death of me.


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