The Deceit


The Deceit

Length: 11hrs 02mins 33 episodesCompleted
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Jay King is a ruthless gangster and a well known rich business man. He uses his companies as a front to hide his illegal businesses. He loves and dotes on his wife, treats her like a queen. He promised to love and cherish her eternally. to be loyal and faithful to her for as long as they both may live. All hell breaks loose when she finds out he is cheating and living with his ill-mannered mistress in their home. She cannot bring herself to forgive him. I messed up i know Cupcake, I betrayed your trust, our love, our commitment and hurt you beyond any imaginable pain and I will never forgive myself for that. But I would rather die before accepting to live without you, before letting another man touch or lay a finger on you. You are MINE! And without you there's no reason breathe. he mumbled truthfully Please forgive me Cupcake? Give me a chance to make this right baby...Cupcake ... I...I love you, I know you don't believe me right now, but I do, I've been miserable without you. PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME.A small sob escaped his throat


  • Steamy Stories
  • dark
  • love-triangle
  • possessive
  • sex
  • second chance
  • dominant
  • twisted
  • betrayal
  • cheating
  • cruel


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