The billionaire in my pants


The billionaire in my pants

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WARNING: This novel contains explicit matured contents. Read at climatic risk ••• Jennifer silverstone Mervin makes her mark in her world where she claims a name for herself and also the heart of the billionaire that once broke her heart and shattered her dream. Fate made a turn and gave a chance to a fresh start of all she never had before, Wealth and power. Now all is in her palm to play once more as she wishes, because now the once upon a time pauper and a nobody has now surfaced to be an empress with wealth along with a killer ass body that no one could escape. Jennifer•••• I gained admission into one of the best college in the city through my scholarship exam. Have always been different in everything though, I had my eye on someone that I knew that could never be mine. I gave him my everything only to have it all broken in shreds. I later graduated and needed to do my internship as quick as possible, only to find out my boss was my heart breaker. Billionaire•••Christopher She was never my type nor was it my intention to have that one night with her, it just happened. My parents, friends not even I would let someone like her into the family. I needed a PA setting my eyes on the most beautiful girl have ever met. Only to end up finding out she was the same girl that I had broken in college. *** Would they mend their past and move on with the present? Would she make his life miserable as hell, paying him back equally or in multiples fold.? Would they fall in love and spark up an unyielding pleasures? That's what we are here for, join me as we begin THE BILLIONAIRE IN MY PANTS


  • adventure
  • billionaire
  • possessive
  • bxg
  • campus
  • first love
  • poor to rich
  • virgin
  • Romance


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