Awaited Mate


Awaited Mate

Length: 11hrs 12mins 100 episodesCompleted
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Aiden Keaton Black had everything, looks, money, friends, and most of all a pack of werewolves who loved him. Except for a mate. He has done everything in his power to find her and introduce her to his parents and his pack. He is a future Alpha of Diamond pack, one of the largest packs ever known. Samantha Isabella Morningstar grew up thinking she was human, had no idea about werewolves' existence and that she is one of them and not only that but she's also a powerful one. What happens when the two finally cross paths? Will Aiden be able to recognize her wolf or not? Find out as we take the journey of their love story with them.


  • Paranormal
  • alpha
  • confident
  • princess
  • luna
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • mythology
  • first love
  • supernatural


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