The nerdy Goddess and her bully mate


The nerdy Goddess and her bully mate

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{Sexual Content Warning} Rated 18+ Addison Silence is a normal 12th grader in High school, but is she? The Nerd Genius has a lot going on when she turns 17, less than 2 weeks from now. She will find out she will be having changes in her appearance, and she will show powers. She gets freaked out when she has a bad day during school because of O and his gang. She comes home super mad, and her stuff turns on, and she asked her parents what is going on, and that is when she finds out she is special, she is a goddess. She is not the only one going to be having changes, but she doesn't know, but Orion Powers already started early in his life. He will have his eyes open to what is in front of him all this time her Addison was the love of his life, but is it be too late for him to get her to be with him after how he mistreated her, just made her life a living hell, even his girl has been doing that since she caught Addison watching her boy toy of the year. Addison Silence is : The Next Heir The Princess The Ruler of Hearts. Her Mother is Aphrodite, and her Father is Sancus. They're the God and Goddes of Love and Loyalty. She doesn't know that. Her family kept this secret until she turned 17 years old. She was destined to Marry Orion because his Parents are gods also. His parents are Zeus and Hera, The God of Sky and Thunder. She is the Queen of the Gods. I have been in love with Orion since I first met him when he and his parents moved right beside me. He bullies me and torments me from the start. He would shove in my face all the kindness and love he showed to his girlfriend, and always kissing and holding his Cheerleader girlfriend Julie, I don't care for her last name, but it is Knight. He always saying stay silent there Silence I was like yeah yeah, very funny their O, or should I say Jerk-Face Powers, he has always picked on me and shove me in the locker and always gave me hell, and I have no idea why he is so awful and so means to me. But one thing he should know is I had enough of his shit and everyone else's.


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  • arranged marriage
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