The Alpha's Daughter


The Alpha's Daughter

Length: 10hrs 48mins 32 episodesCompleted
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Gabrielle Quinn Bancroft is spunky, bold, fearless and is the only daughter of the notorious most merciless Alpha of the Blood Howlers. Enter gorgeous, mischievous, arrogant Alpha Titus Cohen. The star player in both sports and the ladies of Westhill High. When Aurburn High suddenly closes Gabi and her fellow teen wolves find themselves transferring to the next closest school which happens to be Westhill but there's one problem, Westhill is in between their territory and the rivalry pack's land. When the two finally meet it's as if two worlds are crashing into each other as they find that they're mates.


  • Paranormal
  • opposites attract
  • dominant
  • werewolves


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