Revenge Plan, Payback On The Millionaire


Revenge Plan, Payback On The Millionaire

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Nick Cairns...the guy that made my life a living hell in high school. The guy that got kicks out of bringing me down every day. Spreading rumours, telling lies and making sure I knew no one would ever love me...want me. And back then? I believed him. Back then I was the chubby, geeky girl...the shy one with glasses with no friends. Not anymore. Five years can change a lot. I was not that girl anymore. Now, I was slim, confident and independent. I was the type of woman he went for. It was time for payback. It was time I got the now millionaire playboy back for what he did to me. I was gonna use who I am now to play him, make him want me. How am I gonna do that? I am going to get a job as an assistant. Watch out Mr Millionaire, payback is a b***h...


  • revenge
  • sex
  • arrogant
  • others
  • drama
  • Romance


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