The Promise Of A Millennia(Book Two Of Pack Angel Series)


The Promise Of A Millennia(Book Two Of Pack Angel Series)

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"Being sold as a slave to a wicked kingdom is the last thing I would have wanted in life. But that was before my little brother fell sick. Now I am willing to give up anything to save his life, including my own freedom." * * * * *  Usher and Bella are identical twins who lead two very different lives. Usher grew up with her mother's love, became a stunning beauty and got even more luckier when she was chosen to be Angel Hayden's mate. Bella on the other hand was adopted by a poor family and sold as a slave at the age of nineteen. She grew up with little to eat and nothing elegant to wear. But her selfless heart and determined mind makes up for all that. Usher can't wait to have the Queen's crown on her head despite the clear signs that the gorgeous angel Prince, Hayden, isn't attracted to her. But what will she do when her identical sister, Bella, shows up out of the blue and turns out to be Prince Hayden's fated mate? ***** My other books, I hope you enjoy them! The Slave Mated To The Pack's Angel The Servant With The Mark Of The Goddess Mated To My Powerful, Royal Enemy Readers Of The Future


  • love-triangle
  • mate
  • goodgirl
  • prince
  • drama
  • bxg
  • slavery
  • royal
  • secrets
  • special ability
  • Romance


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