Love In The City


Love In The City

Length: 09hrs 36mins 47 episodesCompleted
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Gabby Pearson, desperate to escape small-town gossip, and start over after she finds out her boyfriend is secretly married, moves to San Francisco with her friend. Her first night there lands her in the bed of the sexy single playboy Raul. Finding out the most notorious playboy is now her boss makes things harder on Gabby. Raul is a single father not looking for a commitment. When he returns from vacation, he finds his latest one-night stand is his new Secretary. He tries to push her out of his life, but will he end up falling for her?


  • billionaire
  • one-night stand
  • playboy
  • dominant
  • badboy
  • CEO
  • boss
  • single daddy
  • offifice/work place
  • affair
  • Romance


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