Bonded to you


Bonded to you

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Kaiden's POV Maybe if she'd have said something. But she acted like I'm not there. Fine. I moved to the marriage certificate and signed it, then I threw the pen onto the table. "Are we done?" I asked. They said yes, so I rushed out of the building and sat in the car. I looked out of the window in a daze. I couldn't believe it was happening to me. There was only one thing I knew: I was still in love with her. I told myself I wouldn't soften. Not even if it was about her. She f*cked up. She could take the consequences. As I was thinking about it another thought came into mind. Till today I told myself I have to endure being with a woman who was chosen by my father, as I signed the contract, but that woman's identity changed my plans. She's going to stay with me. I thought I was never going to agree to divorce. No. I always wanted her to be my wife that day I got her, and I had no intention to let her go. I thought when the time comes she would give birth to my children just like it was planned, but she would suffer, just like I did. She was cheating on me, so I was going to make her watch and hear me with other women, I wanted to make her regret everything that she's done to me. Serena's POV My heart pounded fast. I felt it wanted to jump out of my chest. I saw him. He stood next to me, and I had no courage to look at him. When we entered the room, I had a look just for a moment. I saw his expression. He was still the most handsome man on Earth. He wasn't that young boy anymore, and he was so elegant. I always told myself even if he'd have needed me I'd have refused him because he deserved a worthy and healthy woman, not an ill one like me, but for a reason I was hurt when I thought about that. I always loved him. But it was a love that was inside me quietly during the years. But to see him again, made that feeling unbearable. As Geoff led me out I started panicking. My demons said stop, and I couldn't move. Serena and Kaiden are an ordinary teenage couple from Texas. They grow up together in their neighboring farms. They are living a happy life with their two best friends, their horses, Ivy and Eclipse, till Kaiden's father announces the bad news, they have to move back to New York where they came from, because of their businesses. Kaiden promises Serena as soon as he turns 18 he will move back, till then he will come back to visit her often. But their fates take them on different paths. Serena becomes a victim of a crime that changes her life for a lifetime. Feeling in shame she breaks up with Kaiden without explanation, asking him not to contact her anymore, and she starts to live a demonful, empty life where only sedative pills can help her to cope. Kaiden feeling betrayed and broken jumping into the rich and shameless Manhattan life, trying to forget Serena, Eclipse and his beloved home, the farm. But what happens when an old man finds out maybe he'll die soon and regrets every wrong step in his life, and besides that he no longer able to watch his son ruining his own life? Isn't that too late for two broken hearts to accept happiness?


  • billionaire
  • sex
  • contract marriage
  • forced
  • playboy
  • drama
  • bxg
  • city
  • small town
  • tortured
  • Romance


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