Fire Me


Fire Me

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‘Can’t you just do one thing I ask of you for once in you’re life? God damn it Layla your really testing my patience.’ ‘Fire me.’ He threw her across the room he she landed on the bed. His hands couched around her wrist. He looked coldly at her. ‘You will never leave you are mine ], mine to what I like with. You’ll never leave this company never.’ ‘Let me go Aubrey. You’ve had your fun let me go find someone else.’ ‘Never you are mine Layla mine. He growled. Aubrey Tanner is the most feared business man and the CEO of Manhattan industries. Layla Hampshire has been employed at the firm for three years and had yet to meet her boss, that was until today when he sends for her. She comes face to face with the devil himself her high school bully his will she react seeing him for the first time in five years she’s been studying hard to gain her qualifications in business enterprise and hoped one day to be running a company liked his. But will Aubrey tanner let her go and let the past between them go too?


  • sex
  • manipulative
  • badboy
  • goodgirl
  • twisted
  • bxg
  • abuse
  • school
  • multiple personality
  • punishment
  • Romance


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