My Auburn Witch (My White Wolf Series#2)


My Auburn Witch (My White Wolf Series#2)

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PLEASE NOTE: THIS BOOK DISCUSSES INFERTILITY AND DOMESTIC ABUSE/TRAUMA. __________________________________________________________________________ As she stepped through the door at 3pm, her smile lightened my glum mood. She ran over to me, rucksack in hand and wrapped her short arms around my legs. “Daddy!” She was so excited; she clearly had something interesting to tell me. I knelt down to her level and engaged in conversation with my little pup. “Hello, little mouse. How was your day?” She began to unzip her bag, and rummaged through the contents, pulling a coloured piece of paper from within. As she handed it to me, the rough scribbles were easy to make out. She had drawn both herself and I next to a house with a tree outside. It was sweet, and my insides warmed. “Did you draw this?” she nodded. “Yes. Miss McTavish said we had to draw our families today.” The warm feeling soon fell cold as I looked at the picture again. I imagined a lot of other pups drawing something similar, but they would have drawn a mother and a father, with siblings. With a small smile, I walked to the fridge, and attached it with our coloured letter magnets, displaying it somewhere I could look at it every day. “Do you like it, daddy?” Esme’s tiny voice drifted from below as I looked down, bending low enough to pick her up and throw her upon my hip. “I love it! And now daddy can see it every day.” It was a reminder that this family wasn’t complete, and if Natalie was able to bring some kind of happiness to our lives, maybe it would be ok to let her try.


  • Fantasy
  • independent
  • witch/wizard
  • bxg
  • pack
  • small town
  • self discover
  • witchcraft
  • supernatural
  • spiritual
  • gorgeous


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