The Alpha Prince Next Door.


The Alpha Prince Next Door.

Length: 23hrs 46mins 111 episodesCompleted
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" Why did you move into this house?" " Wha ---- what" I stuttered like an imbecile. " This house. It was rumored to have ghosts in them, but you moved in why??" The way he stared at me made me think he genuinely wanted to hear my reason which was ridiculous because why would he. " I don't believe in ghosts or things like that, the rent was relatively cheap so I got it" I replied, surprised at my coordination. " Do you believe in wolves and vampires then?" " Sorry what?" I asked, not understanding what he was talking about. " Never mind." He nodded and turned to leave. I was too speechless to stop him so I let him go. I let out a loud breath, my hand going to my chest to calm my racing heart. _____ Cheated by her abusive ex, Asteria moved out to seek an apartment and was attracted by a house with cheap rent. Rumor has it that the house is haunted by ghosts, so what? She doesn't believe it. Her simple life became complicated when she found her mysterious neighbor was so charming…and even more complicated when she discovered his true identity as a wolf prince.


  • Fantasy
  • shifter
  • bxg
  • mystery
  • werewolves
  • mythology
  • enimies to lovers
  • slow burn
  • rebirth/reborn
  • gorgeous


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