The Male Omega Of The Alpha King


The Male Omega Of The Alpha King

Length: 31hrs 04mins 222 episodesCompleted
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Lust, power, pride, and domination. That was what the great alpha king of the Deangu kingdom craved. Obtaining his crown after his father fell ill, the great alpha king becomes the feared ruler of the most powerful kingdom in the region. Resting from his royal duties and resting in the forest, the great alpha king goes into his heat, being dominated by his alpha and his desires. Wandering through the forest, the cruel king finds a defenseless and innocent omega, who was hiding a terrible secret. What will happen when the cruel alpha finds the innocent omega?


  • LGBT+
  • alpha
  • dark
  • kidnap
  • forced
  • omega
  • king
  • bxb
  • royal
  • cruel


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