Devil's Innocent Obsession


Devil's Innocent Obsession

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" But Liam , I am tired and yu-" Amber couldn't complete her sentence as she felt a stinging pain on her cheek. " How . . . how could you slap me ?" Amber stutters looking up at Liam innocently with tearfilled eyes. It was something no bride expects from her husband on her wedding night. " Don't even think that I married a b***h like you because I fell in love with your nasty face and filthy body." he laughs as his words pierced her tiny heart. " Then why ?" she screams as another slap lands on her cheek. " Don't you fucking raise your voice at me , I am your lawful husband. You love to act like a brat , I'll show you what brats deserve. " he growls fisting her hair as she cries out in pain. " But I . . . I love you." she whispers fisting her wedding gown tightly still hoping this is just a nightmare which will come to an end soon and her loving Liam will return. " Too bad baby , I am far away from loving a shit like you and this is no lovestory but a revengeful one." he smirks maliciously throwing a punch on her face. ---- He loved her to moon and back without any doubt , until . . . ugly secrets of past got revealed. He has to punish her for her deeds , even if he doesnt wants to . . . he has to. It is when a love story changes into a revengeful one. - MATURE READERS ONLY ( 1*+ ) , HAS STRONG ABUSIVE CONTENT AND EMOTION TRIGGERING SCENES.


  • Fantasy
  • billionaire
  • dark
  • possessive
  • arrogant
  • dominant
  • sensitive


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