Kidnapped By The Mafia Prince


Kidnapped By The Mafia Prince

Length: 25hrs 59mins 147 episodesCompleted
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In the murky realm of the mafia, Because of his father, a mafia prince who is cold-hearted and merciless. He made a vow to himself that he would never be in love. A girl who is unafraid of his world enters his life and alters his outlook on life, teaching him to trust in love, but she must overcome too many difficulties in his world, which is very different from hers. "Why are you so ruthless, you always hurt me!!!, why are you like this???." "You're like my prisoner here; you have no right to ask me questions like this!!!" "I am your wife, and I have the right to question you!!!" "Now you understand why I brought you here!!" "You abducted me!! You're punishing me for the actions of someone else!! Why are you doing this to me?" He didn't say anything and just stood there, not responding to my questions while he stared at me. "I asked you something Ambrose please reply I am waiting for an answer!!!", I said in a loud voice. "You want to know why I hate you???. I hate you because you are my step sister. Your dad took away my mom, made her fall in love with him!!!, I didn't have my besides me when I needed her. I hate your dad and you are his blood so I hate you too!!!!", he answered me with a loud voice while he stared into my eyes with anger. "Why is he blaming me??, it's not my fault that my dad got married to his mom!!!" "I am not a lady who would fall in love with such a guy; I will despise him to the core!!!!" WILL AMBROSE FALL IN LOVE WITH CASEY?? AND WILL CASEY TURN HER HATRED TO LOVE AND FORGIVE AMBROSE TOR HIS PAST ACTIONS??? In the mafia world, Ambrose Jensen is known as the prince, and his father is regarded as the king. He is ruthless and merciless, and he has never fallen in love with anyone since he feels that love makes people weak, but will a girl alter him and make him believe in love???


  • billionaire
  • kidnap
  • love after marriage
  • dominant
  • badboy
  • prince
  • maffia
  • enimies to lovers
  • first love
  • punishment
  • addiction
  • Romance


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