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Do you think you'll be able to resist the hot and handsome mafia who's a prince charming in the day and cold-hearted at night? Karen Evans a perfect definition of natural beauty, she's passionate and optimistic and lives today like there's no tomorrow and. What happens when she found herself taking care of the hot and handsome Mafia troublesome female twin? Jake is married to a model, a model that cares about nothing but her body figure, a mother that doesn't even care or have the time for her daughter. She dumped Jake because of his demand for sex and went after the man that'll ruin her life. It's not possible to live with a perfect man and not get attracted, Unable to control and hide their feelings both Karen and Jake started to reciprocate each other's feelings. "Even if you're fed up with me, why not consider our daughter's a.." she cuts him off. "Our Daughter's?" She let out a loud chuckle. "They're your daughter's and not mine" she scoffed. "What do you mean by that?" He asks in a shaky tone. "It's as you just heard, Don't ask me" she ended the call and left him to wander. You think there's more to this right? Read on


  • billionaire
  • possessive
  • sex
  • fated
  • dare to love and hate
  • CEO
  • maffia
  • drama
  • sweet
  • realistic earth
  • nanny
  • Romance


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