The Bad Boys Of Molly Riot (Hard Rock Star Series, Books 1-3)


The Bad Boys Of Molly Riot (Hard Rock Star Series, Books 1-3)

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Book 1: NorthI was a rock star in one of the most successful bands in the Miami area. I had money, fame and millions of female fans… and then my world came crashing down.I had to go to rehab “for my own safety.” Pffft!! Just my luck, while I was just chillin', waiting for my dealer to find someone else to blame for his stolen stash, I met my hottest dream in the form of a counselor who wouldn't just let me slide... Book 2: NickWhen this chick Olivia Grant showed up to interview us, I expected to hear the same lazy questions we'd been getting for months.Man, was I wrong. Not only was she way smarter than anyone else we'd talked to in the press, but she caught me off guard--somehow, she was able to resist my charms, and I gotta tell you, you could smell and taste the electricity and sexual tension between us.One night after a few rounds of drinks, we found ourselves alone together. I'll tell ya, I've never been the long-term relationship type, but for sex this absolutely mind-blowing and life changing, I'm willing to compromise-but how do I convince her that she's different than all the others and that she alone is my addiction?Book 3: JulianWhen my band mates finally convinced me to sign off on the tour with rival band Juniper Woolf, I thought there was no way that I'd ever get along with their lead singer Fran...that is, until I started spending time alone with her on the tour bus.You know, I've gotta say, no woman has ever had such a pull on me. We can't keep our hands off each other, but the problem is, we can't let anyone else in either of our bands know about our little tryst. If the press gets a hold of this, we'd all be in for one hell of a sh*tstorm.Warning! 18+ ONLY!]]>


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