Dan (Hard Rock Star Series, #4)


Dan (Hard Rock Star Series, #4)

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I love the life I'm living...hell, I wouldn't change it for the world. But, I have a confession to make...something inside me has been changing lately. This isn't like me, but, I'm falling hard for this chick Sophie, the hot new bartender at my all-time favorite local dive bar. Problem is, our drummer Mark has his eye on her as well. Normally this wouldn't matter, but there's just something about this girl that's different. I can tell already that I don't want this to be just another one night stand. I have to get to know her--all of her. There's no way in hell I'll share her, but it looks like Mark has a similar agenda and it's creating a divide between us. Could Sophie be the girl that spells the end of Molly Riot, or will Mark and I find a way to play nice? Warning! This sizzling-hot rock star romance audiobook is intended for listeners age 18 and over. It contains mature situations and language that may be objectionable to some listeners.]]>


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