North (Hard Rock Star Series, #1)


North (Hard Rock Star Series, #1)

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I couldn’t believe it! I had to go to rehab “for my own safety.”Whatever. I’ll spend a few weeks doing some BS art projects and waste some time listening to a bunch of idiot addicts whine about how their parents never loved them. Just my luck, while I was just chillin’, waiting for my dealer to find someone else to blame for his stolen stash, I met my hottest dream in the form of a counselor who wouldn’t just let me slide. Just when I thought I couldn’t be in a worse situation, one little mistake—a little fun in the art room with this counselor, the hottest girl I’ve ever laid eyes on—and we were both thrown out. To make things worse, the girl that I thought was my “hottest dream” became my angel. And I’m not about to let anyone—not even Big J and not even my own stupid messed-up self—ruin the little taste of heaven she gives me. Warning! This hot bad boy rock star romance book is intended for listeners age 18 and over. It contains mature situations and language that may be objectionable to some readers. ]]>


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