The Witching Hours Inc.


The Witching Hours Inc.

Length: 03hrs 09mins 13 episodesCompleted
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After her sister goes missing for two weeks without a trace, a woman, Mimiteh, enlists the help of a detective, Vincent Quarterbaum, who's hours of operation strangely are from 12am to 5am. The further they venture into the night looking for clues in search of her sister,  the more supernatural forces appear to stop them.  Once Vincent explains the true meaning of the Witching Hours, and his own personal background with it,  Mimiteh is exposed to a another side of the night she never knew existed. Now the two of them must fight their way through insurmountable odds to find Mimiteh's sister and stop a heinous supernatural family of unspeakable evil from bringing a end to the world.]]>


  • Fantasy


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