Take Me Away with You


Take Me Away with You

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a whirlwind of desire,is that what love is?I thought I knew who I was until the death of my sister.Does anyone know who they are when they lose the foundation of their world? To fill the emptiness, I feeling into the void of Las Vegas. I tried at first to be the person I was before, the “good girl,” but I needed more.That’s when I met them, Ryder and Zack in the same night. I had to get closer to Ryder, my body felt magnetically drawn to him, but with each step I fought the initial pull. I couldn’t trust my impulses; they were telling me to give myself to him, and I didn’t even know him.When Zack kissed me, later that night, I pulled away breathless, hypnotized, and unsteady. The months following were a whirlwind of desire and reckless choices I’d never in my life thought I’d take. ]]>


  • Romance


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