A Hand To Hold


A Hand To Hold

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The heroine of A Hand to Hold is Adina Springfield, a middle-aged woman who was orphaned as a child in Ethiopia and adopted by an American couple. When the story opens, Adina has been divorced for a couple of years and is struggling to make ends meet as a single mother supporting her three children. When she loses her job, Adina is forced to ask her ex-husband, Charles Kumi, for financial help. Charles and Adina have a difficult past, so the last thing she wants to do is ask him for help, nor does he make things easy for her. But Adina’s adoptive parents taught her to be resilient, and never ever to give up hope. She is also lonely, so with the encouragement of her girlfriends, she reenters the world of finding romantic relationships in the not-so-romantic space of Internet dating. But then unexpectedly, Adina meets a loving and caring man interested in her story. With a little courage on her part, this encounter leads Adina to her big career break and to second chances in a beautiful romantic relationship.In this novel, author Seconde Nimenya parallels real life events, exploring the cultural hindrances that rob many women and girls worldwide of their dignity. In that respect, Seconde writes about stories we can all relate to, and learn from.]]>


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