Accepting My Twin Mates(The Rogue Beginnings Series#4)


Accepting My Twin Mates(The Rogue Beginnings Series#4)

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Evie was born a rogue and because of that she is looked down upon by the elitest pack that took her in as a baby. Despite their displeasure with her presence in the pack, the Alpha and Luna had high hopes that she would become a strong and skilled warrior. Only, at 23, Evie has shown no signs of shifting and is labelled as a wolfless Omega and with no other use than to serve the pack house that so generously gave her a home. Until a few weeks before the full moon in winter...a voice appeared in her mind. Returning home from a training trip in an ally pack, the twin Alpha heirs, Astennu and Badru, are hit by an intoxicating scent. Their eyes lock on the one she-wolf they had secretly admired and internally obsessed over for years, the one she-wolf that had never so much as given them the time of day, Evie. The twins are older and wiser now, but can they make amends for the misdeeds they made in their arrogant youth? And how can Evie resist the mate bond so much when it's driving her Alphas so insane with desire? ~~~~~ I knew the door in front of me was Astennu's bedroom. The idea of entering somewhere so… intimate… was difficult to comprehend. Why did I feel so nervous, almost excited? I hesitated for a brief second, psyching myself up to just open the door. Balancing the hamper basket in one hand, I fumbled for the door knob. It was faint but instant. The scent of tree sap engulfed me; sweet, earthy and comforting. 'Ohhhh baba,' Evva sighed, enthralled by the heavenly aroma. Oh sh*t, more like. This wonderful scent was dull and faded, but it was everything. This had to be a mistake. This wasn't happening. I ran to the window to close it, throwing the basket in my hands carelessly to the floor and hoping it was just the pleasant scents of the woodlands outside. …It wasn't. I hurriedly left, ripping the opposing door open that led to Badru's room. Again, the smell was dulled, but now my wolf senses were awakening, it was there. Cinnamon and nutmeg; spicy, heady and maddening. And again, I slammed the window closed with more force than I meant, wishing it was just some outside aroma wafting in and confusing me. 'I need to roll around in this scent too,' Evva fawned. 'We need to get the fuck out, is what! I refuse to believe this is real,' I began to panic and practically ran from the room. I froze in the hallway, exiting Badru’s room. My attention immediately settled on two huge and identically broad figures at the other end. The heated intensity of their eyes pierced my very soul. Two sets of identical deep sapphires pinned me to the spot, the scent of an exotic forest worked its way towards me, wrapping around me as though it was their hands upon my flesh. Oh hell, they were my mates… the twins… both of them! ~~~~~ Book 4 of The Rogue Beginnings Series, can be read as a stand alone, but is designed to interconnect with others in the series.


  • Fantasy
  • fated
  • mate
  • kickass heroine
  • drama
  • werewolves
  • pack
  • enimies to lovers
  • self discover
  • slow burn


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