The Alpha's Revenge


The Alpha's Revenge

Length: 36hrs 20mins 207 episodesCompleted
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Kira Xanthe Kholin, a wolfless daughter of an alpha, was reborn again after dying in the hands of her sister and her best friend. Once reborn, she returns to the year when she was still 16 years old, a time when tragedy has not yet befallen, when her sister’s engagement hasn’t arrived, and when she was still a complete person, without any injuries and her eyes were still perfectly fine. Her father conceals evil intentions, her sister is vicious and merciless, her father’s subordinates are like a tiger watching its prey, and that scum best friend of hers wants to befriend her again and wants the previous life’s events to be repeated once more? She must protect herself in this life, the great enmity must be avenged, and the prize must include the Alpha’s throne in the entire Astanshire Empire. In this lifetime, let’s see who will become the final winner. But the alpha of the mysterious Blackridge Hound, that cold and unfeeling masked young alpha with his purple eyes, stays stubbornly on her side and possessively wrapped his hands around her slim waists, while he proudly declares, “You want to kill your sister? Sure, I’ll give you all the weapons you want. You want to kill your father? No need to stain your hands, let me kill him instead. You want the entire empire? It’s just merely destroying the other castles, it’s a piece of cake. But don’t forget, this empire belongs to you, and you- you belong to me!” - “Alder Atreides, if all of these belong to me, then tell me, what do you want?” “Simple. It’s you.”


  • Fantasy
  • revenge
  • powerful
  • royalty/noble
  • werewolves
  • pack
  • faceslapping
  • rebirth/reborn
  • weak to strong
  • love at the first sight


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