The Billionaires´Redemption: Starcrossed Lovers


The Billionaires´Redemption: Starcrossed Lovers

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Since infancy, I have always looked up to him. He has been the man of my dreams, my secret love. When I headed out to University I believed to be on my way to finding happiness, only to be met by his fiance and to have my heartbroken. Life threw us a curveball, and we again met under different circumstances, binding us together. Would we be able to make it? Would MIke Astor and me, Jewel Cox be able to find happiness? Would that happiness be together or apart from each other? I hope we can ake it, because my twin sister, Joy is on a journey of her own. Joy, my ever artistic sister, got accepted into the Royal Arts Academy in London, and while abroad she would meet the love of her life, or s she thought. Would her unbreakable spirit be able to forgive him? or Would revenge get in their way'? Our lives will be taking turns that will lead us to unsuspected paths, only to realize that the main question remains "Would we be able to be happy?"


  • friends to lovers
  • brave
  • confident
  • billionairess
  • lighthearted
  • witty
  • campus
  • offifice/work place
  • coming of age
  • self discover
  • Romance


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