Mate Made In Hell


Mate Made In Hell

Length: 34hrs 11mins 128 episodesCompleted
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Reborn in hell, revenge is her only goal. This time, this game is hers! *** "Some destinies are forged in fire, mired in darkness and walked in blood." When she is 22, Arabella meets her mate, Vincent, the new Alpha of the Blood stone pack during his Alpha coronation ball. During their mating ceremony, he ambushes her pack with his girlfriend, Jacqueline and leaves Arabella to die in the freezing snow. It should have been the beginning of a happy life. Instead, it is the ending of her. In a freak twist of fate, she is reborn with the help of the Gods and Goddesses. Now she has only one goal: Bloody Vengeance. Once she was just an innocent woman wanting to have a happy life with her mate. Now she is a mate made in hell, his worst nightmare. She is ready for blood shed, ready to unleash the wrath of hell on everyone who has ever betrayed her. Her plan is going smooth sailing until... An unexpected curve ball. Alastair. An omega, a sexy, brooding one at that, with his own secrets and agenda, whose dark green eyes make her wolf go crazy. Can one man change the darkness that is seeped inside her because of another? Or will she forever be trapped in her dark hatred? Lies, betrayal, manipulation, revenge and a gang of headstrong ladies looking to break the destiny thrust upon them. What can go wrong?! Every f*cking thing. (Warning ⚠️: 18+, Violence, gore, steamy, graphic content and addictive. Readers' discretion advised)


  • Paranormal
  • revenge
  • dark
  • counterattack
  • kickass heroine
  • independent
  • warrior
  • drama
  • werewolves
  • magical world
  • rebirth/reborn


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